Category: Athina Sea Villa Close to Athens Oropos

The Amphiareion of Oropos (Greek: Άμφιαρείον Ωρωπού), situated in the hills 6 km southeast of the fortified port of Oropos, was a sanctuary dedicated in the late 5th century BCE to the hero Amphiaraos, where pilgrims went to seek oracular responses and healing.

Rockwave Festival

April 1, 2019

Rockwave Festival is a festival of rock music only witch is conducted in in Malacasa, Attica a few kilometres out of Athens. Rockwave Festival is the biggest Festival and most known in Greece but southeast Europe too. The history of festival begins in 1995, but it is more common known since 2004. Location of festival always changing until 2004 when Terra Vibe Park becomes the main host of the festival.

Adventure Park

March 31, 2019

Adventure Park S.A. is a park for various activities such as climbing in a net, obstacle running, climbing on trees, crawling and many more extreme activities

Playground Chahanoupoli

March 31, 2019

Playground Chahanoupolii is a place for carefree fun for kids and adults. Playground is near to Oropos in Nea Politia, which are nearby to Shopping Mall George Topouzidis, in a Greek Othodox Monastery Paracletos and close to a steak grill house “steak the good” aka “prisoladiko to kalo”

Myrsini is a famous coffee – bar – restaurant in Markopoulo which you can enjoy a variety of cuisines like greek, mediterranean and italian. Myrsini is 500m. away from Athina Sea Villa.

Red Beach Bar

March 30, 2019

If you prefer sea sports and relaxation on the beach with music and drinks then Red Beach Bar is your place!